Friday, 13 April 2012


CikPinGu mood now...BoriNg!!! this nite CikPinGu will back to hometown..aaarghhh..such a long journey by bus,about 8 to 10 hours way to arrived at fatigue..then CikPinGu have to face and struggle in the exam..uhuhu..hope everything is fine, terrible or horrible this exam, CikPinGu must go through...hehehe..and the next, trip to Pinang island..ohhh..must face long journey again and again..go go CikPinGu must be strong, keep an energy to be there, support and congrats my beloved sis due to her convocation..('',) hmm..can't wait to see how the events begin, people there, saler and decoration a bouquet of flowers and importantly take a picture..huhhahaha..and the last one..ohh no..once again getting in the bus to come back home again!!!hope CikPinGu stay healhty, enough rest and happy always..byee..

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